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  1. General Brake Diagnosis
  2. Drum Brake Diagnosis and Repair
  3. Disc Brake Diagnosis and Repair
  4. Power Assist Unit — Diagnosis and Repair
  5. Miscellaneous (Wheel Bearings, Parking Brakes, Electrical) Diagnosis & Repair
  6. Antilock Brake and Traction Control Systems

Complete design, operation and repair of the automobile braking system. Disc, Drum and Anti-Lock systems are covered in detail. Complete hydraulic service and repair as well as drum and rotor refinishing. Computerized braking systems with diagnostic trouble code interpretation and repairs procedures are covered.


Curriculum Hightlights
Brakes Steering & Suspension Engine Repair
Electrical & Electronic Systems Heating & Air Conditioning Engine Performance
Manual Drive Train & Axles Automatic Transmission & Transaxle Curriculum Hightlights
Curriculum Hightlights