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  Financial Aid

We encourage all students who may be interested in obtaining financial aid to contact MIIT's Financial Aid department for information and assistance in applying for the various programs that may be available. From time to time various scholarships become available. Scholarship information may be obtained by contacting the Director of Student Affairs at MIIT.

Michigan Institute of Technology offers several forms of financial aid. It is our objective to provide you with the best possible form of financial aid that suits your individual needs.

  1. S.L.M. Financial (also known as "sallie mae") has low interest, non-secured, educational loans based upon individual credit. (slmfinancial.com) for additional information.
  2. The Michigan Works System is a customer focused workforce development system that prepares people for work. Assistance to all employers and job seekers is available to ensure that employers are provided with a supply of skilled workers and individuals who are provided with an opportunity to advance knowledge and skills to achieve economic self-sufficiency. (michiganworks.org) for additional information.
  3. Major Automotive manufacturers often have assistance programs for their employees and the employee's family members. MIIT has trained staff to interact with these firms and submit information to utilize these programs.
  4. From time to time scholarships are available. These are awarded for academic and other types of achievement. Information is available on these awards from the Director of Student Affairs.


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